Tutorial for a crocheted and beaded ponytail holder

by Bindu 19. March 2012 00:18

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This weekend was fun. The Saturday was kind of rainy and foggy. But we went to the Toronto Zoo for the first time. The weather was not preventing me from having a blast. The Sunday turned out to be very nice, bright and sunny. Being tired from all the excitement from yesterday, I wanted to do a small crochet project. I added a photo tutorial for this small project.

The project is to crochet a beaded ponytail holder. The materials include: one elastic ponytail holder, yarn and pony beads.

First, thread all the beads on to the yarn.Then start doing single crochet on the elastic band to cover it with yarn.

single crochet on the elastic band

Once the elastic is covered with the yarn, slip stitch to the first single crochet. Now we start the second row with bead crocheting. Chain four and pull one bead closer to the hook and do a bead crochet.

bead crochet

Again, make four more chains and join to the same starting stitch on the elastic holder with a slip stitch. Now chain eight and join with a slip stitch to the stitch, then to the previous join on the elastic holder. The picture below may give a better idea

second round of crocheted ponytail holder

When I repeated the beaded and not-beaded loops, it became very full and fluff.

tutorial for crocheted ponytail holder >

How about that?

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saju a.s


3/21/2012 10:26:16 AM #

Your craftsmanship is incredibly. I used to be able to crochet. The disability stops me now though. I love how your work is so delicate.


3/21/2012 12:50:12 PM #

Great idea Bindhurani! And the ponytail holder is really cute!


3/22/2012 1:30:52 AM #

What a easy guide to follow Bindu. Thanks for sahring it.

Susan Oakes

3/22/2012 5:08:39 PM #

Bindhurani, Your pictures add so much to your tutorial. This makes for a very simple project that a beginner should be able to master. Nice job!

Sherryl Perry

3/23/2012 12:33:06 AM #

Thanks for the insight into the world of crochet. Like I mentioned before, I admire those who can crochet. It seems difficult to me. :P

Dennis Salvatier

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