Free Crochet pattern for easy scarf

by Bindu 22. November 2010 23:59

I made a new scarf in purple and pink. It can be considered as an easy project.


This can be an easy project for gift giving, which can be finished faster. The scarf is crocheted lengthwise. So just crochet enough chains long enough to whatever length you prefer. Then chain extra 4 for first double crochet and chain 1. do double crochet on the fifth chain from hook. then chain 1, skip one chain on the foundation row and make a double crochet. Repeat the chain 1 and double crochet till the other end. chain 4 and turn and make a double crochet on the chain 1 space. (chain 1 and dc on the next chain 1 space) repeat to the other end.

You can make the entire scarf in one color or change color after two tows. Repeat crocheting till you get the desired width. Finish off.

I will try to add more pictures to this blog later to make a nice tutorial.



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