Crocheted caps to begin New Year

by Bindu 4. January 2012 18:50

Happy New Year everybody. December was very busy. The Christmas, the gifts, phone calls....and to make it worse, I got a craft block...I can't even believe it, I really got a craft block.

Good for me, I am coming out of it. Started crocheting yesterday. Made a few caps. Not so bad, I guess.

That one is really nice I guess. Because, when kiddoo saw it she wanted to wear it. Then the question is "Can I take it?" So she is going to have it. I am thinking of adding it to Bindu Designs as a "made to order" so that I can make one when someone needs one.

I made another black and white one, but a little different from the above one. Black and white is always classy and in style, right? The folded brim makes it better.

There is another cap made in green. It is finished but the picture is not taken yet. I needed to get nicer pictures to put them on the shop. I am going to add a bit of embellishments to the green cap.



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