Crocheted boquet

by Bindu 24. June 2011 19:34

Haven't you ever wondered how to create a Crocheted bouquet of flowers to keep in a vase? I did. I was addicted to crocheting flowers. But the flowers I crocheted were good for applique only. I tried to attach them to pipe cleaner to put in a vase. but it didn't work.

So when I found some crocheted roses by the Crochet geek, I thought, I found a solution. I crocheted some roses using red and white yarns.

Then comes the tricky part of attaching the pipe cleaner to the flowers.It was not mentioned in her post. I bend the pipe cleaner and poked it through the flower. The pipe cleaner is visible on top of the flower


crochet flower

So while stitching the pipe cleaner to the crocheted flower, I used the same yarn to cover the top of it. I did this by going through the bend with the yarn needle while stitching it to the flower.

crochet rose

Finally I put them in one of my Sisal covered bottles.

crochet boquet



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saju a.s


6/25/2011 10:28:29 PM #

This boquetlooks marvellius!

whitening pen

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